Terry Riley & Ludi • Center for the Arts • Dec '07

As a collaborator, I have enjoyed working with musicians, dancers, artists, poets, filmmakers and spiritual leaders.  I savor the connection, a meeting of the minds and the forging of a new piece or concert program. I have worked with the Canadian composer John Grayson and percussionist Jon Scoville. Concert collaborations include minimalist Terry Riley and jazz pianists Dred  Scott and Joe Gilman. Poets include Molly Fisk, Steve Sanfield, Doc Dachtler, Will Staple and  numerous events with beat  poet Gary Snyder. There have been some fine moments sharing the stage with authors Marlo Morgan and Barbara Marciniak.

In addition, I work closely with my wife Karen, who has a brilliance, awareness and humor matched  by few. We enjoy writing spirited, meaningful songs together, with titles like PLANET X, TEX, PEA IN A PICKLE POLKA, and THE DOWN DOGGIE BLUES.

Karen Hinrichs • Click to visit Karen's Website

In 2008 the jazz/theater/film/prose ensemble,GARDILOO, was formed, a product of the collective minds of filmmakers/ actors Mikail Graham and Menlo MacFarlane, saxophonist/novelist Randy McKean and myself, with assistance from actor/ musician Murray Campbell.
Gardiloo 09
Gardiloo Ensemble

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