At some point early in life, the concept came to me to absorb all musical styles available, from “high art” to “low art”. Then, when a particular musical situation came along, my idea would be to choose the appropriate sounds or structure as a basis for a composition or arrangement. This approach still works for me today as a performer and composer.

Two big influences happened while at the Berklee School of Music in Boston in 1969-70. Meeting and studying with jazz trombonist /arranger Phil Wilson set me on a path of listening to the inner content of an arrangement, and separating the parts out while hearing as much of the whole as possible. Playing short arrangements in Herb Pomeroy’s Duke Ellington writing class and beautifully crafted full length big band  works by the likes of Alan Broadbent and other young composers in the recording band further piqued my interest in writing.

After Berklee, I studied microtonal and just tunings with John Grayson on Vancouver Island, and later with Lou Harrison in Aptos, California. Not only did these two introduce me to the unlimited possibilities of tunings with examples from other cultures around the world, they gave me the means and tools to create this on my own. I thank these people for their efforts.


Recently performed compositions include the SUITE FOR FOUR TROMBONES, premiered in  June of 2009 for the WET INK concert sponsored by Music in the Mountains; PIECE OF PEACE for piano, trombone, didjeridu and voice;  PIPES,  for trombone and tuba, premiered in earlier WET INK concerts; and the musical score for piano, percussion and trombone choir, for SAVING THE SIERRA, a one hour documentary which aired on NPR, Spring, 2009.
CD Release Concert - Grass Valley, CA.

As an arranger, most of my time is spent writing for CHICKENBONZ, the stylistically eclectic  six piece group that features a front line of fiddle (or oboe) clarinet,  two trombones, string bass, percussion and piano. Enough to keep anyone busy!        

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