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WHIMSEYNew Release, October, 2011

Well known to Nevada County and beyond, Ludi  Hinrichs brings a delightful mix of talent and experience with his diverse six piece group, CHICKENBONZ.

This is songwriting with a deep reach, humor, and carefully placed arrangements from Balkan to Blues to post-Bop, skillfully played by the very best in the area.


$18.00 includes shipping


"As I have moved through this life, total changes in my direction have been inspired by meetings with particular people and places. Stunning and sometimes shocking experiences formed intersections between this reality and others, yielding new thresholds of awareness and a deeper level of meaning to my existence. This collection of music is my artistic translation of that which has come forth from those synchronous meetings of kairos, cyclic time, and kronos, mundane or linear time." —Ludi HInrichs


$45.00 includes shipping

TOKYO SUMMER FESTIVAL • 2002 • "Mountains and Rivers Without End"

"Dear Friend, here is a CD that was well-done by my friends in Japan at a reading, with music, of portions of MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS WITHOUT END. It took place in Tokyo at the Sogetsu Hall in the summer of 2002. The musicians are Ludi Hinrichs and Daniel Flanigan. The two of us together with a third musician, Sean Kerrigan, had already worked up this music-plus-poetry combination the year before culminating in a 6- hour performance at the North Columbia Cultural Center in Nevada County on August 11, 2000.Enjoy this, because it is musically one of the "best takes" we have done. I thank the Arion-Edo Foundation, the Omega Japan Foundation, and Yamakei Publishers for conspiring to bring this out, together. — Gary Snyder"•

$18.00 includes shipping

Live at St. Joseph's Hall • Grass Valley, CA

"Throughout my life I've pursued music that opens inner doorways. This evening's music sdummarizes these influences. My deepest gratitude goes to those who were, and are, simply themselves, whether they be family, friends or musicians." —Ludi Hinrichs

$18.00 includes shipping

Live in Concert at Miner's Foundry, Nevada City, CA. May 7, 1999

Ludi Hinrichs — piano, vocals, trombone • Greg Keranan — bass, vocals
Tom Delaney — saxes, flute • Peter Supersano — piano • Rufus Heritas — drums

"A major inspiration for this performance was provided by the beautiful nine-foot Steinway-Grotian concert grand piano, which you will hear Peter and myself play. The occasion was a fundraiser for maintaining this marvelous instrument. I hope you enjoy these spirited sounds, from this special concert, as much as we all did!"— Ludi Hinrichs •


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