Special Events—

Wedding Ceremony Photo

Custom-designed Wedding Ceremonies

Add the magic of intention to your ceremony with Ludi's talents. Unique instrumentation available for any event, utilizing gong, Australian didgeridoo, conch shell, tamboura, Balinese rangtang, voice and piano.

Concerts • Private Parties
Birthdays • Anniversaries

Ludi has 38 years of experience as a professional musician, composer and educator. He will bring artistry, sensivitiy and warmth to your special occasion. Your music will be specifically tailored to your needs; songs may be composed or arranged for the occasion.

Street Festivals • Civic Celebrations & Dedications • Art Openings •
Historic & Cultural Celebrations

Ludi transforms from a solo instrumentalist to a leader of a six-piece ensemble—and anything in between.

A wide variety of styles are available; featuring Jazz, Swing, and Popular Classics. Ludi's range of vocal styles include ballads, scat singing, wing, raga, seasonal, jazz and rhythm & blues.

Chicken Bonz performs at the Bent Metal Winery


"I think it was obvious to you, as well as everybody else, that the reception was a huge success -- lasting long into the night. That was just what our daughter and son-in-law had hoped. The evening was just delightful, and your music was an enormous contribution." Deborah and Howard Stone, Nevada City, CA.

"What you did was just right -- a good selection of music performed with brio, skill and a sense of fun. We all enjoyed it immensely, and we are gradeful to you for taking the time and trouble to be with us." Ed Klinglehofer, North Gold Senior Mountaineers.

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