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CHICKEN BONZ will be performing on January 21st at the Historic Nevada City Theater, Broad Street, Nevada City. Performance begins 8:00 p.m. brought to you by: Paul Emery Music.

Listen to the new Chicken Bonz Playlist Here!

Chicken Bonz is well known to Nevada County and beyond, Ludi Hinrichs brings a whole new mix of talent and experience to festivals with his six-piece group, CHICKENBONZ. This is jazz crossover, original music and arrangements with a few select covers. ChickenBonz has a flair for quirky humor, skilled showmanship, and tasty four part horn arrangements.

Chicken Bonz Portrait

photo © Samantha Hinrichs

"The thing that amazes and amuses me is the diversity and skill of this grouping. We really enjoy each others presence and contributions; ChickenBonz has a depth and spirit to it that I have wanted to see manifest for years.

No electronics, we prefer organic sound. Most songs and compositions use the front line of 3 or 4 unique horns (for instance two trombones, bass clarinet and oboe). At times we sing in six part harmony. Fun stuff indeed, I get my inspiration from skillful writers and arrangers like Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, and  Igor Stravinsky. All original compositions and arrangements...." Ludi Hinrichs

We are: Murray Campbell on fiddle, oboe and English horn; Randy McKean on alto sax, clarinet, and bass clarinet; Joe Fajen on trombone and tabla, Tom Hannickel on acoustic bass, Kit Bailey on drums and hand percussion and myself on piano, trombone, didjeridu and lead vocals.

PRIVATE STUDENTS: I have about 25 students, mostly on piano, all ages and levels, very creative types looking for a teacher to honor their spirit, which is the most important task.
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