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with LUDI HINRICHS in concert.

Ludi in Concert

Nov. 29 2018, at 7:30 PM

Stone Hall of the Miners Foundry
325 Spring Street, Nevada City

Tickets on sale at the door.
Doors open at 6:30.

Ludi Hinrichs will bring a new body of work on the theme of making space for self-reflecting; performing on the Estonia grand piano, vocals, trombone, didjeridu, and the large gong. Also featured this evening will be poetry by Rumi, B. Randall, and others, set to music.

“The evening is designed around a time of slowing down and reflection, in the opening provided by the week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will have the space to explore and savor some Holy moments in a warm musical atmosphere,“ says Hinrichs.

There will be café seating and the fireplace crackling. Refreshments will be available before the performance. For more information, please go to and

"The Gift of the Wave"

Join us at the Foundry for an intimate, café like setting for an evening of new compositions, Sufi poetry, and sound waves for grand piano, voice, large gong, didjeridu, and trombone.

Special guest, Joe Fajen-tabla and trombone, will join Ludi on several numbers. The two will perform in the Stone Hall. Hors D’ouvres from Java John’s, and beer and wine will be available.

“This is a quiet pocket of time between the holidays, we have this space to settle, to reflect a bit, and to pause, “ says Ludi

“Joe Fajen, long time friend and collaborator, is a joy to work with. He brings his expertise, enthusiasm and humor to the stage and delights me as a multitalented performer on tabla, trombone, and percussion."

November 29, 2017


North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center
October 21 2017• Doors open at 6:30 • Performance at 7:00 p.m.
17894 Tyler Foote Rd. on the San Juan Ridge • 530/265-2826

“ChickenBonz has a flair for diversity and exploration with a love for improvised music, born of the cultures I have been immersed in since 1971, when I met an American master of Asian music, Lou Harrison, in Aptos California. We would drive in his VW bug over highway 17 from Santa Cruz to San Jose State University where Lou performed and lectured on Chinese, Korean and Balinese music .
The experience was electric for me!

The effect of these classes and the presence of Lou can be felt when Chicken Bonz lays out one of it’s compositions using Indian Raga, didgeridoo with tabla, or ancient Middle East melodies. The combination of musical spirits in ChickenBonz makes it all the more dynamic: Randy McKean, Cory Wright, Murray Campbell and myself on horns and Tom Hannickel on acoustic bass (also doubling on bass trombone).Add  a percussionist like Joe Fajen and we are in business! “

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The Center for the Arts
May 19, 2017 • 8:00 pm

314 West Main St. • Grass Valley, CA

This CD project is the fruition of a passionate journey inward following the loss of my wife two years ago. I felt a wave of new material come forth, reflecting the path through contraction and expansion, as the mirror of my internal landscape constantly presented itself in its fullness.

There are poems set to music from Rumi, Hafez and other timeless observers; piano ballads dedicated to my family, my ancestry, and dear travelers; prayers and shouts of joy through the vehicle of the trombone; and, a final wish for our collective awakening, voiced through the large gong.

The concert will include material from the CD as well as some new creations with fellow music traveler, Joe Fajen, on tabla.

Tickets $20 ... Available at the door or through KickStarter

Be sure to check out Ludi's
Kickstarter Project Click Here


Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm
Where: Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring St., Nevada City, CA

Ludi will perform solo piano, trombone, and other instruments. The Stone Hall at the Miner’s Foundry is especially vibrant when the Estonia grand piano fills the room.

The concert will be recorded for a future album and will be an exploration of his recent loss of his wife, and his musical emergence into the heart of renewal.

Tickets are available at the door, adults: $20, students & children under 18: $10. For more information, call (530) 292-3112.

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"The experiences of the last year and a half since the passing of my wife, Karen, have had a profound effect on me. I would like to share the passion, healing and emergence resulting in these new compositions that have come through while sitting at the piano or with other instruments I 'talk' through.

The works run the full spectrum from shock and despair to the feeling of being fully alive and ecstatic, reflecting both the inner and outer shifts and changes which were inevitably experienced. I feel great reverence for this deep process and gratitude for my wife, Karen, and all she brought to our lives."

Ludi Hinrichs is a composer/performer from Nevada City who has performed with Terry Riley, Gary Snyder, and Chuck Berry. He is inspired by pianists Keith Jarrett, Thelonious Monk, and the Serbian composer Goran Brejovic. He leads his own groups, Chicken Bonz, Kairos, and The Ludi Hinrichs quintet.

June 18 - Saturday - 8-11PM
Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Ludi with jazz guitarist Sean Kerrigan jazz duo.

June 10 - Friday - 8 PM
419 Broad St, Nevada City.  

Music for healing and transformation. meditations with Gong, Didjeridu, and Raga singing.
Please call me to rsvp. 530-292-3112

JUNE 4 - Saturday - from 8:00 till 11:00 p.m
Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Ludi Hinrichs' Jazz Quartet with special guest TBA

June 1, 8, 15 & 22 from 7-10 PM

Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Ludi on solo piano, trombone and jazz vocals. Very clean and good vibes, great people running it!

May 29 - Sunday -  4PM:  Ludi's Concert Series #2
North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center on the San Juan Ridge

Master performer on the Indian Sarod Steve Oda, with Joe Fajen on tabla . Beautiful ancient classical music played in a sweet and resonant environment by two dear friends.

May 28 - Saturday - from 8 -11 PM
Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Ludi Hinrichs Jazz Trio

May 15 - Sunday - 5 to 7 PM: KVMR Sunday Showcase:

Daughter Samantha interviews me in a retrospective about early influences, famous collaborators,and some entertaining and revealing anecdotes. 89.5 FM -

May 11, 18 & 25 - Wednesdays:
Ludi on solo piano, trombone and jazz vocals at the  
Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Very clean and good vibes, great people running it!

APRIL 26— from 7:00 till 10:00 p.m
Golden Era Lounge • 309 Broad St, Nevada City

Ludi's Jazz Duo.

JANUARY 23— at
7:30 pm
North Columbia School House Cultural Center

17894 Tyler Foote Crossing Rd,
Nevada City, CA (On the San Juan Ridge)

Join the passion, humor and thoughtful artistry of ChickenBonz as they gather together at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center for a long awaited evening of musical unfolding. Drummer Jordan Glenn will lend his unique skills and percussion expertise to the seven piece ChickenBonz mini-orchestra.
A few guests are also planned,including the young trombonist with a bright sound and big future, Callum McKean.

KAIROS to perform at private home


L to R: Joe Fajen, Bill Douglass, and Ludi Hinrichs at the Schoolhouse on the Ridge
photo: Ken Schumacher

One week after ChickenBonz performs at the SchoolHouse Cultural Center, KAIROS will be doing an entirely different music at a private home in Grass Valley, with a beautiful grand piano. If you like the warmth of two trombones and upright bass playing jazz ballads, as well as sacred music and prototype instruments from the ancient past, and North Indian classical music played by three masters of their craft, then stay tuned, we will update you soon!

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