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Welcome to Ludi Hinrichs’ Music!

Multi-Instrumentalist  •  Performance Artist  •  Teacher  •  Healing Arts Integration

I take in and respond to all sounds and styles of music that have the qualities of strength, depth, spirit, structure, beauty, and intelligence. Examples include the works of J.S. Bach, Stravinsky, Mississippi delta blues, John and Alice Coltrane, the exquisite music of Bali, Balkan brass bands, and I can’t forget to mention my namesake Ludwig van Beethoven!

I still remember when I was very young, my mother took me to a music store on 39th Street in St. Louis. Playing the piano there was sublime! I played for quite a while, listening to the combinations of tones, colors, and textures; it is still that way for me— whether composing, playing the trombone or didjeridu, singing a ballad, or working out a new piano voicing.


“I’ll be exploring in a musical context, dissonance and its elements, including the friction that arises within us to possibly move to a new awareness (Resonance.) This process happens all the time in our lives, artistically, and in everyday matters. The recent power shutoffs are a clear example of this process.

Two pieces I’m preparing for the evening are worth mentioning, as to their influence: A piece on the 5G and wireless phenomena, and a suite dedicated to those incredible little creatures, bees!”  Looking forward to seeing you!   Ludi Hinrichs

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