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Friday, July 30 at 7:30 pm

Center for the Arts

314 Main St, Grass Valley  

Presenting a concert of new works and Latin music on the main stage.

I’ll be joined on bass and 7 string Brazilian guitar by Greg Keranan (“Curly” from his days with Jonathan Richman) and Maria Benner, on vocals. She has a beautiful full voice and sings in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

I’m looking forward to sharing some new creations with you all on the beautiful 9 foot Steinway.

Press Release: Ludi Hinrichs Concert at Miners Foundry, 12/5/19

 Ludi Hinrichs will perform on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Miners Foundry Stone Hall, with special guest Joe Fajen on tabla. The theme will be “DISSONANCE, RESONANCE, AND AWAKING”

 Hinrichs says, “I’ll be exploring in a musical context, dissonance and it’s elements, including the friction that arises within us to possibly move to a new awareness (resonance). This process happens all the time in our lives, artistically, and in everyday matters. The recent power shutoffs are a clear example of this process.

 I have new material for this concert written for grand piano, trombone, and voice; Joe Fajen will join me on several numbers. It is a great pleasure to have him as a friend and masterful tabla player.

 My musical exemplars in the ’60s were those experimenting with dissonant structures, and it was Harry Partch, Terry Riley, Theolonius Monk, and a few others of that era that caught my attention. I‘d like to give a nod to these pioneers. Two pieces I’m preparing for the evening are worth mentioning, as to their influence: A piece on the 5G and wireless phenomena, and a suite dedicated to those incredible little creatures, bees!”

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